2013 – 2014

BELGIUM : « Living today… and tomorrow ? Hoping in a disenchanted world ». 


BOLIVIA : “ The signs of the times are calling us today 

 Reading of the pastoral Constitution Gaudium et Spes- GS: Cultural, social, religious changes


BRAZIL: “Youth and Spirituality”

1)   understand the reality of Brazilian youth

2)   assess the situation in the light of the Gospel

3)   suggest actions. 


CHILE : “ How can we help build God’s Kingdom in our communities ? ” 


FRANCE : « The body we receive / the body who speaks »

                  Meditation : Letter of St Paul to the Ephesians.


ITALY  : «Inter-generation meetings»

                  Meditation : Acts of the Apostles (establishment of the first Christian communities). 


PARAGUAY: Fortify our mystique”

1. The Wine: Our relationship with the Mystery

2. New wine in new skins

3. The Wineskin: The way we express ourselves

PERU : “Faith »


PORTUGAL :  « The Common Good – The Christian dimension of the human being » 


URUGUAY : “The Hope which spurs us on ”


2012 – 2013

BELGIUM : “Let us change our lives to change the world”

FRANCE : “Dare paths (ways) of peace and hope ”


2011 – 2012 :


BELGIUM: “From fear to liberty”

FRANCE: “Live the present”

ITALIE: “Lay: And if the salt lost its flavour?”


2010 – 2011


BELGIUM: “Justice and Dignity”

ITALY: “Insight, an adventure, a challenge”

URUGUAY: “Facing the Latin-American reality, what answer does the Lord ask us?”