Renovación Cristiana

President: Susana PUPPO : susanapuppo@gmail.com

Chaplain: P. Richard ARCE : richardarce67@gmail.com

Email: rcuruguay@montevideo.com.uy


Number of  members: 110

Number of groups: 14


Meeting: 3 annual meetings : presentation of theme of the year, then meeting together on the SEE and then on the DISCERN.2 annual days which topics are chosen inside the proposals received from the groups.

Theme for 2013: The Hope that encourages us.

Theme for 2014: The power in the society, the milieu, the Church.

Info on the movement: – We integrate close to 14 Christian Movements of our diocese the group Christians Causing trouble www.cristianosenred.org.uy

–   We are consolidating in this year 2014, the formation of a third group of young people between 20 and 30, welcoming news members.

– The Uruguyan Movement has nowadays under its responsability the coordination of the service team of Latin America Secretariat (ESSAL).