Communiqué de presse de APGXXIII

North Lebanon, Akkar region, threats of eviction in the largest Syrian refugee camp.

« In Rekhanye refugee camp, the victims of the Syrian war are still paying the highest prize.”

« The dismantling of this refugee camp, the largest in the north of Lebanon – says Giovanni Ramonda, General Responsible of the Association Community Papa Giovanni  XXIII – would mean a new violence against the Syrian families who already have to deal with the war consequences and the destruction of their homes in Syria. »

Operazione Colomba, the Community Papa Giovanni XXIII Peace Corps, visited the camp and is present in the area with international volunteers since 2014, engaged in support activities for displaced persons.

« These people – continues Ramonda – have fled the war to give a future to their children; after years, they have recreated a quality of life just barely above the survival threshold, in tough and precarious conditions; now they face the risk of losing everything again. »

The informal camp Rekhanye, in the region of Akkar in northern Lebanon, hosts about 1,300 people, most of them are children. In November 10, a person, who declared to be the Lebanese Army spokesman, ordered the camp to be evicted on November 26. The eviction order was served to the coordinator of Rekhanye ITS (Informal Tended Settlement), which is run by Urda (network that provides assistance to Syrian refugees in Lebanon).

Abu Isham, head of the Lebanese Urda NGO states that all the organization members do not intend to leave the area and that they are firmly determined to avoid eviction. Operazione Colomba condemns the threats: « The price of war is always too high, and the weakest always pay it, » the volunteers explain.


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