Presentation of the Burkina Faso movement


The Burkina-Niger bishops’ conference is a vast territory covering many Catholics well-known for their dynamic Catholic action. The history of MIAMSI in West Africa began with Burkina  Faso joining the international movement during the VIIIth General Assembly in Heer-sur-Meuse in 1992.  In this short presentation, you will realize the Holy Spirit’s extraordinary work in our environment. We entrust the country’s movements to all your prayers so that the work of God and His Kingdom continues to grow.

Friendship Group

The friendship group is about fifty years old.  This group highlighted the usefulness of such a group which helped its members in their family and working lives and generally helped the women of the diocese to play their part in building our family Church. After almost fifty years, the groups feels it is running out of steam as it has not been able to rejuvenate itself.

Open Heart Association

The Open Heart association was born after a call from the emeritus Bishop of Bobo, Mgr Anselme Titianma SANON who asked that the ‘closed doors of the residential neighbourhood’ be opened from now on. This is how the Catholic families of the ‘Little Paris’ neighbourhood formed a group to share the Word of God and made themselves available to the Bishop to help him in his apostolate. This group is still active but occasionally runs out of steam. However, a dozen people are still very active in it.

Heart and Life Association

The Heart and Life association (ACOVIE) is three years old and with its dozen members  is a group of young people who, through activities directed to strengthening their spirituality, mutual help between members and supervising students, is attempting to draw the older groups by the questions it gives rise to.

Ouagadougou Group

The seven (07) members from Ouagadougou meet every first Friday of the month to share the Word and deal with their members’ problems. They are playing a key role in organizing the GA/ Ouagadougou Forum.

Tenkodogo Group

The Tenkodogo group is basically made up of teachers and customs officers, and is the baby of the Burkina groups. Organized around Alphonse SANON, it aims to find answers to the concerns of their brothers and sisters in the Tenkodogo Diocese.


Responding to the call from the Burkina – Niger Bishops’ Conference regarding the country’s domestic unrest, faced with student violence in 2011 and noting parents’ failure in their children’s upbringing, we though it important to set up a group which would bring together pupils, educators and parents to start a frank discussion to resolve possible obstacles causing the violence in educational establishments.

The MIAMSI club in the Marie Adelaïde High School has over 125 members receiving spiritual training activities, discovering God’s Word and trying their best to be good examples in their circles. Their motto is Seeing – Believing – Acting.

Groups are being set up in the dioceses of Banfora, Dédougou and Koudougou