Maria Teresa Caviglia, president 2008 – 2012


Being president of MIAMSI has doubtless been one of the most significant experiences in my life.

Being at the head of MIAMSI is a service of representing and coordinating within the movement and at the same time, serving within the Church.

With its spirituality which starts from life, its inclusive stance, the preferential option for the poor, the movement has a lot to say and much to bear witness to.

Becoming aware of everything we had to offer to the Hierarchy concerning our charisma and our way of faithfully following Christ’s message, despite our weaknesses, this was one of the facts that struck me most during the last four years.

The other important aspect to me was the possibility of knowing and improving relationships with the various national movements with differing cultures, races and identities and to note that,  despite such differences, all of them have the same way of seeing the society around them and understanding that the path to follow as Christians is the same: serving our brothers, being the voices of those who have none and using our critical faculty to analyze what our role may be, as people in responsible positions