Geneviève Tyack, president 1988 – 2001


Bearing witness to my MIAMSI commitment.

I am Genevieve Tyack from Mauritius. I joined ACI 45 years ago. I started in a women’s team in 1968. This team still meets. Marie Louise Monnet’s visit inspired me. I was lucky enough to have her to lunch when she shared with us her faith and belief with regard to the evangelization of the independent milieus. This aroused my enthusiasm and I very quickly joined the national board.

The spirituality of the movement was a great discovery for me. ” evangelise our way of thinking in order to change it in accordance with the gospel, through life reviews and the method see – discern – act ”

Linking life and faith, reflecting on structures of sin, analyzing my reactions and behaviour, reflecting on my country’s and world politics, economics and society, was a practical way for me to evangelize. Some years later, I took on national office, and then I sat on the Indian Ocean islands board. I was responsible for the board for several years.

At the 1996 Mexico GA, I became a member of the international board. I was president from 1998 to 2001.

What affects me most in our movement is the attention we pay to what happens in our daily lives, families, our countries, world politics, economics and society. Our faith is not enclosed within the walls of a church but in the heart of the world. That is why in Mauritius we changed the term ACI to faith & life. I would even go further by saying faithlife! Like breathing. It is all one to me and i discovered that through our method. I have learned a lot from catholic action meetings, worker and independent milieus, many catholic action courses, visits on every continent, the wealth of exchanges the world over. My view of the world has changed and I have taken up politics, knowing that all decisions able to change the world are taken there.

Today I have agreed to join a United nations action in the coastal village where I live, renovating a working class housing estate in an area of extreme poverty. I have taken on this commitment because it is a dream made when I was with MIAMSII when we became observer members at the united nations.

“Ending poverty”

One highlight was the 2000 congress in Fiuggi. All those people gathered with one goal: “transform oneself to transform the world.” ACI made me understand that by doing what we can today, we can make possible tomorrow’s impossible.