The General Assemblies of MIAMSI


Country founders : Belgium, Canada, Communicating, Spain, France, Italy, Monaco (Principality of), Portugal, Switzerland,


I General Assembly

Place and date : Rome, Italy – 1964

Theme :   Need to Evangelize the Independent Social Milieus

                 Growing everywhere the Evangelization of the “rich”

New country members : Algeria, Brazil, Madagascar, Morocco, Maurice,



II General Assembly

Place and date : Rome, Italy – 1967

Theme :   Aspects of the Apostolic life of the Independent Milieus

                 Cooperate in the development of peoples, intensify an ecumenical faith

New country members : Argentina, Colombia, Tunisia, Uruguay,



III General Assembly

Place and date : Rome, Italy–September/October 1972

Theme :   At the source of the daily life of persons from I. M. Evangelization of a social milieu

                 One conscience awakening to Justice

New country members : Chile, Lebanon, Paraguay, Peru,



IV General Assembly

Place and date : St Jérôme, Canada – 1976

Theme :   Politics–Economic–Culture : Challenges to our Faith?

Tensions, distances: everyone becomes aware of his/her reality, In order to make progress…


New country members: India, Malaysia and Mexico



V General Assembly

Place and date : Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – July 1980

Theme : Signs of  times, proclamation of Jesus Christ

The cry of the POOR calls upon the decision-making “NORTH” and the privileged persons of the “SOUTH”

New country members : Bolivia, Malta, Singapore,



VI General Assembly

Place and date : Mauritius – October 1984

Theme : In a world of conflicts… build PEACE

TO LIVE CONFLICTS; a requirement of our FAITH. This implies:choices, demiation, to make this world livable.

New country member : Ecuador



VII General Assembly

Place and date : Baltimore, United-States – July 1988

Theme : In the midst of today’s uncertainties, what Good News do we announce?

In the world’s uncertainty, let us be prophets of Hope in order to build LIFE

New country member : United States


VIII General Assembly

Place and date : Heer-sur-Meuse, Belgium–October 1992

Theme : Before the current challenges of the world: what values should be lived? Freedom, solidarity, hope… with what Movement?

Injustice continues to produce poverty. LET US DEEPEN our intuition: requirements of our FAITH hope.

New country members : South Africa, Burkina, Seychelles, Venezuela,



IX General Assembly

Place and date : Guadalajara, Mexico–October 1996

Theme : Partner in international life, a necessary renewal.

                 Agreement to build TOGETHER

–                               The preferential choice for the poor

–                               The promotion, defense of human rights

–                               Based on a renewed MIAMSI

To pull his/her/its treasure of the nine and the ancien » (Mt 13,52)

New country member : Syria



X General Assembly

Place and date : Fiuggi, Italy–October 2000

Theme :   Builders of a more solidary world.

whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me (Mt. 25,40)



XI General Assembly

Place and date : Antananarivo, Madagascar–August 2004

Theme :   Bring down walls, open paths to peace

Solidarity, Justice, Democracy and Tolerance

“I leave you Peace, I give you my Peace, but not as the world gives it. Do not be afraid” (Jn 14,27).


XII General Assembly

Lieu et dates: The Vallette, Malta – October 2008

Theme: Migrations, an opportunity to build bridges. Families, Cultures, Religions and people in dialogue

New country member: Mali



XIII General Assembly

Place and date : Fortaleza, Brazil – October 2012

Theme:  Committed in a world concerned about its future

                 Hope, dare, act, What a challenge!”

 “I shall create a new heaven and a new earth” – Isaiah 65,17

New country member: Niger, Benin and Rep. Dem. of Congo