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Echo 35 – Eng – October 2016

In this issue


Burkina Faso: The land of the upright men

Burkina Faso: The MIAMSI in Burkina faso

Bolivia: Tribal people defend their territory

Bolivia: The disabled speaks out

Chile: Wealth in the diversity !  Signs of hope

Lebanon: Peace between Sunnis and Shiites thanks to Christians!

Inter-Isles: From ICY to ACI in Madagascar

Europe: Sicilian Symposium 20-22 November 2015





Echo 34 – Eng – October 2015

In this issue


Burkina: Successful inter-faith dialogue

International Forum: « Dialogue, peace, reconciliation »

Expected impacts on Burkina Faso, the sub-Region and Europe

Mediterranea: a road in the sea, migrations, people, cultures and religion.

Rinascita Cristiana, Italy: «Stop the migrant tragedy»

Malta: Alarming rifugee situation

Laos Portugal: Dialogue on North-Southmigrations

Testimony of an expatriate in Hamburg



Echo 33 Special Inter-Isles – Eng – April 2015


Relay Inter-Isles Indian Ocean

Inter-Isles General Assembly

Mauritius : Foi et Vie, international concept!

One call, one mission for the service of mankind, the world and the Church! 

Seychelles: personnal, professionnal and  spiritual development

New Inter-Isles Board: Keep our lamp burning»

ACI in Réunion: witnesses and missionary

Madagascar: apostolic fervor aroused in our hearts

Madagascar: Sambava, from JIC to ACI

Diégo, Antananarivo: Maryse testifies

Mauriitius: At Bois marchand, a social miracle!


Echo 32 – Eng

In this issue:


BRASIL : Sao Paulo – Very committed to the very poor!

BRASIL : Rio de Janeiro – The importance of the social policy

BRASIL : Porto Alegre – Serving the lay Apostolate

URUGUAY : Montévidéo – Potential twinning in view

BOLIVIA : La Paz – A place of hope

PERU : Lima – Training internal organisation


ECHO of the mission


Echo 31 – Eng

In this issue:


The presidents and chaplains since 1963

Testimonies of:

  • Fernando Aguirre
  • Geneviève Tyack
  • Daniel Guery
  • Maria Teresa Caviglia

AIM-India celebrates the Golden Jubilee of MIAMSI

Testimonies of a past chaplain : Fr. Daniel Nourissat

Formation Session of Inter-isles : Edith de la Giroday

African Relais meeting : Yves Hervé Assi

Good bye Fr. Jean Bouttier 


Echo 30 – Eng

In this issue:

Creation of a new group in Brazil !, Clara Strauss

From Malta to Fortaleza; part of the journey with the MIAMSI IB,  Jean Paul Mathern

ACI Réunion – after Foetaleza, testimony… emotion … sharing…, The delegation

Listening to youth of Uruguay, The youth of MIAMSI Uruguay

CRS Malaysia: Renewing a Life-giving Faith, Margaret and Andrew

Morocco in Fortaleza: sharing, emotions, … !, Hervé Assi


Echo 29 – Eng

In this issue:

Testimony of Madagascar, Céline Marie Yolande Via

Brasil waits for us in Fortaleza, Laura de Sousa

African commitment, a living reality in MIAMSI, Prosper Honagbode

Chili and Bolivia testify, Corina Varela

India and the IB, a mutual learning, Mrs. Joanna Sampath & S. Lourdusamy

The MIAMSI in Malaysia, Jean Paul Mathern

MIAMSI and the Vatican Dicasteries, Lygie Raoeliarimanana

Freedom and responsibility, P. Jean Pierre Ranga


Echo 28 – December 2011

In this issue:

IX National Assembly of RC do Brasil − Lysette Basso, IB member

Poitiers Conference − Véronique Delbende, Diocese of Nantes

Pilgrimage of the source − Maria Teresa Caviglia, President of MIAMSI

Statement of the Citizen Forum − Jean de Dieu Dembélé, Coordinator of CF3

Toward setting up a MIAMSI African relais − Prosper Honagbode, President of MAMP – Huenusu of BENIN

Missionary visit to India − Lourdusamy Savarimuthu, Vice president for Asia / MIAMSI Board member


Echo 27 – October 2011

In this issue:

Meeting countries of Western Africa Jean-Pierre Lahaut, IB  member & Treasurer of MIAMSI

70th Birthday of l’ACI-France Nadia Essayan, ACI France, National Delegate

Italian chaplains’ meeting Fr. Jean-Pierre Ranga, International Chaplain

Anniversary of the Second Vatican Council − Fr. Richard Arce, National Chaplain of RC – Uruguay